The Crime Museum Uncovered, Museum of London, October 2015

The Crime Museum - Uncovered - Museum of London

The Crime Museum – Uncovered – Museum of London. A Rover 800 vintage police car

I am not really looking forward to this exhibition, I have learnt, particularly over the last few years of volunteering, that I don’t deal well with emotional objects, and with the press bandying words around like ‘gruesome ‘and ‘macabre’, I am not sure the Crime Museum Uncovered will be for me. Trying to move from the previous blockbuster at the Museum of London with the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, to the real detectives featured in this new exhibition is no easy feat, and although I am not keen to visit I am really intrigued about the process involved in tackling this difficult topic. Continue reading

Christina Broom – Soldiers and Suffragettes – Museum of London Docklands, Oct 2015

Christina Broom, Copyright Museum of London

Christina Broom, Copyright Museum of London

The Crime Museum, a new blockbuster exhibition from the Museum of London opens this Friday, but they have another exhibition on at the moment that I feel a great deal more connection with. Christina Broom – Soldiers and Suffragettes is on at the Museum of London – Docklands site and you don’t have long to visit it, it closes on the 1st November.

I have been thinking about cameras and photography a lot in the past few months, everywhere I go I see them. The first aerial photography at the RAF Museum, the first space photography at the Science Museum, I think it is a sign that I really must write about this exhibition before it closes. Continue reading

Cosmonauts – Birth of the Space Age – Science Museum, September 2015

After hours Cosmonauts visit at the Science Museum

After hours Cosmonauts visit at the Science Museum

Back in July I had a fantastic opportunity to take over the Science Museum twitter account for their autism friendly morning. Spending my time attempting to keep on top of all three kids and tweet was a bit of a challenge. We were chaperoned by Will, the press officer, and there was a lovely embarrassing moment when, fully ‘scienced-up’ and space enthused he asked my youngest son if he wanted to see Helen Sharman’s space suit. His reply, “NO”.

I dutifully managed to shuffle my more pliant middle child over to take a look. We attempted some appropriate ‘ooo’ and ‘ahhh’ noises, but I am sad to say I just wasn’t feeling it (sorry Will), I had no connection to this weird garment encased in glass. This experience was on my mind on a Thursday evening in September when I found myself stuffing Soviet-themed cupcakes into my mouth, contemplating a date with the ‘Cosmonauts’ exhibition. As you can imagine, although excited, I had not a little trepidation. Would I enjoy it? Continue reading

Goodbye Bromley Museum

Bromley Museum

Bromley Museum

I had this strange dream a few months back when Bromley Council decided to close Bromley Museum. David Bowie rode in on a white horse, he was wearing the green jacket from Bromley Museum’s collection that is currently on loan to the V&A. His make-up was very Ziggy Stardust, I’ll admit it was a bit of a weird dream, even the horse had matching make-up. He charged into the Great Hall at Bromley Museum and threw two bags of gold on the floor. He had come to rescue our museum. Continue reading

Opening Doors: Rethinking disabled access and interpretation in your museum, Sept 2015

Opening Doors - panel discussion

Opening Doors – panel discussion

I recently attended the Museums Association Seminar ‘Opening Doors’ on disabled access in museums at the Royal College of Physicians in London. It was a fascinating and inspiring day and I have written up a piece for the Museums Association. You can find it here –

If you went along on the day, please let me know your thoughts in the comment section. I would love to hear how you found the day.



Apprenticed to History

Brendan and Baljit by the Fokker. Copyright RAF Museum

Brendan and Baljit by the Fokker D.VII Copyright RAF Museum

Baljit and Brendan were two of the first people I met at the RAF Museum back in November 2014 in the early days before the ‘First World War in the Air’ exhibition opened to the public. On the press preview day they helped me climb in and out of a replica Albatros D.Va. Sitting in the cramped cockpit and listening to them talk about the planes I realised they had an appreciation for these beautiful machines that went far beyond their current incarnation as museum objects. Continue reading

I’ve got the Hendon Habit

Glimpses of the past

Glimpses of the past. Copyright RAF Museum

I will never forget my first trip to the Claude Graham-White Factory, I was so excited to become Blogger in Residence for the First World War in the Air exhibition. My first glimpse of the factory was really as it should be: full of people working; hard hats; fluorescent jackets; planes being moved into position; tools and work gear strewn across the space. I remember vividly how they opened up the doors to the hanger and instantly it reminded me I was in an original aircraft factory. The people working around me a faint echo of the hundreds of people who worked for the entrepreneur airman Claude Grahame-White all those years ago. Continue reading