Ode to a Brick Walrus – Horniman Museum, Brick Wonders Jan 2019


The day I met the Lego Walrus I didn’t know what to say…

I was excited to see his brick curves, I hadn’t just come to play.


His bubble wrap was crinkly, his bulk decidedly unwrinkly.

But as his plastic disguise came away, I knew him without delay.


His tusks were gently covered in foam…

fearing damage on his journey to a new home.


Unveiled at last…

I was aghast, his likeness was uncanny.


They raised you up, all brown and shiny.

How could something so big be made of bricks so tiny?


On an iceberg you sit,

but your heart of bricks is not cold, it only makes you bold…


You watch me, and I watch you…

You are a majestic king, you just make my heart sing!


In charge of all you survey…

a Horniman Legend and a modern Brick Wonder, today is your day.


When visitors come they will be in awe at a Lego Walrus,

not just enormous…

but utterly, utterly, gorgeous.


Brick Wonders at Horniman Museum runs from 16th February – 27th October 2019.

For ticket prices and opening times please see the website. I highly recommend pre-booking your tickets. https://www.horniman.ac.uk/visit/exhibitions/brick-wonders

Huge thanks to the Horniman Museum Press team for allowing me an early visit and also the staff of Warren Elsmore who gave me a first view of the amazing Lego Walrus.

Brick Wonders is the work of Warren Elsmore and his team. For more info please see their website – https://warrenelsmore.com/brickwonders/


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