Launching Autism in Museums 2018!

AIM Logo (1)For Autism Awareness Week I am really proud to launch my new website

I have taken my autism blogs and transferred them onto my new dedicated site and written a new blog for today’s launch on a work experience project I volunteered on with the Museum of London and a charity called CASPA. The project supported 8 young autistic adults in a work environment and gave them new skills and experiences. The blog is a look at top tips for running a similar project. –

Instead of a long list of autism in museums events there is a new events calendar on the website, it includes regular events and one off autism openings. Please get in contact if you want to add anything to the site. –

There are a few resources on the site that you may find useful, this page will be updated regularly. There are some blogs I have written for other sites including two blogs for Network Autism. There is also a link to the Kids in Museums resource I contributed to in 2016.

A huge thanks to all those who have helped me pull things together in particular my poor husband whose IT skills have been in much demand. Also thanks to my good friend Daniel Rose for designing my new logo. I have been meaning to do this for ages but as ever these things take much longer that you think. I hope the site will prove a useful resource not only for museum professionals but also autistic families and I hope in time adults who are looking for welcoming events in museums.

Tincture of Museum


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