Volunteers’ Week: Skills Sharing

CCC pic 1This week is one of my favourite weeks at the Museum of London, the 1-7th June is Volunteers’ Week, a celebration up and down the country of all those who give up their time to work for free. This week is all about sharing the hard work and achievements of volunteers as well as celebrating the contribution that we make to different organisations. Volunteering is very much a two-way arrangement, volunteers give up their time, contribute their passion and enthusiasm and often their own knowledge, and in exchange we meet new people, learn new skills and quite often have a lot of fun too.

At the Museum of London volunteers are supported with a varied and interesting training programme, this can be informal talks and hands on training, as well as access to more formal training that is often open to volunteers who work at other museums as well. For this blog I have joined the Collection Cleaning Course, which is funded by Arts Council England, at the Museum of London Archive in Hackney to see how volunteers and paid staff from museums across London are benefiting from learning new skills.

You can read the rest of this post on the Museum of London Blog – Volunteers’ Week


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