Roll up, Roll up, for the Museum of London Archive Lottery

Day of Archaeology

Friday 11th July 2014 Day of Archaeology

This Friday, 11th July, is the Day of Archaeology, a day to find out what archaeologists really do……. I know what you are thinking, you already know what archaeologists do, they dig stuff up. You are right of course, they do dig stuff up, but they also do lots of other stuff too. Just consider Indiana Jones for one minute, he dug stuff up, but he also regularly got his whip out, raced boats through the canals of Venice and ate chilled monkey brains – his average day was rather interesting.

The Day of Archaeology project encourages people working, studying or volunteering in the archaeology world to share their ‘day’ through text, images or video. The resulting website that brings these stories together aims to raise awareness of the relevance and importance of archaeology to the modern world. The Museum of London archaeological archive – LAARC (London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre) celebrate the day by putting on an interactive lottery. Continue reading

Royal Academy of Arts – Family SEN Session – July 2014

I am about to discover the new

I am about to discover the new

I am rushing and I can’t be late, volunteering at Bromley Museum in the morning, a rush to the station, lunch on the train. It is hot and muggy, I have a blister on my heel, I mustn’t be late. I am off to observe a family special educational needs (SEN) session at the Royal Academy of Arts, it is Saturday, busy, bustling, tourists, Londoners, art lovers, the streets are crowded.

I dodge past pedestrianised bullets and into the courtyard at the Royal Academy, my pace quickens, my blistered heel forgotten. I am just about on time to experience a fairly new initiative from this home for art and artists. The fourth in a series of workshops for children with special needs and their families, led by an artist and free to attend. The only snag is the need to pre-book, when I found out about the session it was already fully booked so I feel very privileged today to come along and see what these sessions are all about. I am intrigued to see how they work, who comes on them, how many families there are, all manner of questions are tumbling around in my head. Continue reading

Do we need Kids in Museums? – The Family Friendly Museum Award 2014

Aquarium at the Horniman Museum

The kids are alright – Aquarium at the Horniman Museum

Kids in Museums, they are everywhere now, right? Can’t escape them can you? Not just museums either these days, art galleries too, can’t take two steps towards a Monet or a Renoir without tripping over some small child’s torso sprawled on the floor. You can’t walk from the beginning of one gallery to the next without bumping into some intrepid family working through their family friendly trail or sit for a minute without seeing some small child run past, iPhone or iPad in hand, technology at the forefront of a self led trail of discovery and entertainment, learning and fun meshing together at the cutting edge of our museums of the here and now. Continue reading

Volunteers’ Week – Museum of London – ViP round two

What is going on in LAARC today?

What is going on in LAARC today?

Any excuse, that is all it takes, any excuse to return to the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre (LAARC) at the Museum of London and I will jump at the chance. I have written about the LAARC many times, it is the largest archaeological archive in the world, it is the heart of the Museum of London, it houses London’s history in bits and pieces in boxes. It is the most deceptive building I know, uninspiring on the outside, but there is London’s history throbbing and humming inside. I have had many happy times within the walls, there is always something amazing to see, some work to be done, some cool stuff to learn. How could I not want to return at any opportunity?

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HMS Belfast review! by Tincture of Museum’s Little Assistant


by Tincture of Museum's Little Assistant

by Tincture of Museum’s Little Assistant

The Belfast is amazing. She has been up and running for years now. I absolutely love it there. I loved their operation theatre and I don’t know how but they managed to make the wax model who was having the operation breathe? It is amazing how they did that!!

I loved the captain’s chair and so did my friends. I also loved the lesson in the classroom (which was originally a bedroom!). And the teacher we had was really funny. When ever he said ACTION STATIONS!! We all sat up straight and he timed us.

Walking up the ladders was a bit of hard work to climb and it was a bit scary but it was also cool at the same time and we managed not to bang our are heads on the way up (almost!). I thought it really gave the impression of being on it during World War 2.

I also loved how all of the staff there are so friendly  all smiling and waving when we were on! It is a really fun place to go on a family trip or outing, it is a very family friendly place to go.

In case you didn’t know this, it is the tincture of museum’s daughter writing this.

I am trying to have a go at writing blogs like she does,

this will probably not be as good as her ones though.

by the tincture of museum’s little assistant :)


HMS Belfast 

  • Open daily
    4 November to 20 February 10am – 5pm (last admission 4pm)
    21 February to October 10am – 6pm (last admission 5pm)
  • Admission Prices

    • Adults £15.50
    • Child (under 16) Free
    • Concessions (Senior, Student, Disabled) £12.40

Batman was an orphan – 10 years of the Foundling Museum

Finally here and not just to stand on the front steps

Finally here and not just to stand on the front steps

I love getting to a museum that has been on my to-do list for ages, even my Mum and Dad have beaten me to the Foundling Museum. They couldn’t wait to inform me what a wonderful time they had, unable to hide their delight at getting to a museum before me and sampling its treasures. I have got close, I have stood outside, even had my picture taken on the steps as part of Museum Marathon but never had the time to venture inside until today.

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Volunteering and me

Volunteering and me

Volunteering and me

I am supposed to be writing a blog about volunteering today, and the Volunteer Inclusion Programme at the Museum of London, as my contribution to celebrating  Volunteers’ Week. I have sketched out some ideas, a blog ready to go, but I don’t know, it has been a funny weekend, some highs and lows. Now it is Sunday evening, I am sitting here in the garden, the sun is setting, I have my headphones on, my music blocking out the kids, the world. I am tired, exhausted, a bit emotional. We had 60 people yesterday for a birthday BBQ for my husband, I have been running around, not stopped for a second, an exhausting time.

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